Self-Hosting, and using WordPress is definitely the only way to set up your ECommerce Jewelry business Online.

This post is going to be about why to choose a premium WordPress theme for your jewelry business.

Your WordPress Jewelry Business theme

You see, we come online for four things – we come to play, we come to buy stuff, we come to learn things and we come to sell or market our business products or services. Today, I am going to focus on the how and why you need to streamline your marketing online so that it just plain works.

If you are a jewelry designer then you know that thing well, why should you have to learn to build websites too?

I agree 100%, with the above comment. We need to spend our lives doing what we enjoy doing, not doing what we are told we have to do to sell more products.


My answer to all this is covered in one small paragraph.

IF you do your website the right way the first time, and even better, get it done for you and then free yourself to go back to designing and making jewelry then you will be set – right?

But, the problem is what the hell is the right way?

You see, I am about to tell you that I am damned good that this online marketing thing, I will tell you that I have been doing it for 9 years full time and continually buy courses etc to stay right up to date with the latest trends and marketing methods.

Now I know that is true, but you were told 20 different things on a facebook group when you asked about hosting, right?

I know with 100% certainty that I am one of the best when it comes to knowing exactly how to do your jewelry marketing online. That for me is a given. But, I need you to know that too and trust me completely. You will need to go and navigate around this website and watch a few of my videos to see that I am a genius. You will also find out that I cannot stick to a point, that I drift ahead of myself when I make videos and lose track of what I say, and a few other bad things that I know is true about myself.

BUT, I am still very clued up on your jewelry marketing needs, once you get past my rambling style LOL.

So, here is the answer to why you need a self-hosted premium WordPress theme for your business.

Section one of the answer is the self-hosted bit. If you are on Wix, Shopify, Weebly and any of the other places that are available to you, you have a problem. They own your website, they control whether your site stays live or not.

Can you see how dangerous that is to your business?

Section two of this answer is about WordPress. WordPress is simply (by far) the best CMS (Content Management System) type of website to use from an SEO point of view.

Remember what we said at the beginning of this post? About needing to have the best, most efficient website set up once, the right way from day one? Well, believe me when I say WordPress is definitely the right way.

Is there a solution – to get this all done quickly and efficiently?

Yes, two ways to be exact. You can contract me to be your mentor and build out your website for you, do your SEO and help you with all the nasty time wasting things like setting up social media sites etc.


OPTION ONE – Sorry it costs money.

You can contract me to be your mentor and build out your website for you, do your SEO and help you with all the nasty time wasting things like setting up social media sites etc. The minimum cost to do this properly starts at $1000, and in truth, most sites will need more, up to $3000 over 6 months.


OK, before you WhooHoo too much, remember the story that “you pay for what you get” and generally it is true.

But, and you are going to love this – I will give you a free premium WordPress website installed – with 7 pages, all the plugins, a bunch of cool stuff as bonuses and more than 25 videos teaching you what you need to do to save that $3000.00 How cool is that?

What is the catch?

OK, there is always a catch – You have to use my hosting affiliate link to get your hosting. But you would have needed to get hosting anyway right?

Where to now?


Go and see my next post on what you need to do to MARKET your jewellery so that your orders max out your production capacity.



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