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Do keyword research for the Etsy top sellers popular products

Keywords for watchesIt is important that I explain the need for you to do decent GOOGLE keyword research for the demand for a product.

You see, further down in this post I will be telling you how and why to do research on Etsy for the top sellers that are listed on Etsy, but the demand for a type of product will be found on Google’s search engine results pages first.

Understand? The demand for a product will be proven in the keyword tool – which versions of that product will then be found through your Etsy research.

Make a list of the type of products you think you would like to be making from your home business, and then go to the Google Keyword tool and see which of them have the biggest demand.

These would be keywords like – choker, costume jewelry, engagement rings, rings, dream catchers, leather jewelry, bracelets, chunky jewelry, steampunk jewelry and more. (I just sucked those out of my head without any thought – please make your list with a bit more thought.)

Perhaps a visit to the mall and the local craft market or even a craft supply store for those initial ideas is a great place to start.

OK, so then you take that list and feed it into the Google keyword tool to see which items are in the biggest demand. I presume that you will also have some ideas as to the costs and profits of each of your ideas as a starting off point for this research.

For example, if it is going to take a day to make a piece that costs $5 in materials but can only sell for $20.00 and another option takes 15 minutes to make, costs the same in materials and will sell for $12.00, then you know which one to make, right?

Um, if there is a demand for it, and IF this initial research shows that the Etsy top sellers are still right up there with these items.

Please note that keyword research needs to be done right. I will have a page done with details on keyword research here

The research in the keyword tool is for those exact products off your list and any variation of keyword that is the same product or item but described slightly differently.

In the future, you will need to do more keyword research for the buyer keywords. For example, someone looking for a “gift for him” could buy from you but would need to find your website using that exact keyword. They might not have been looking up Steampunk Watches.

Spy on Etsy Listings for details

Now you can go and start to see who are the top sellers of your list on Etsy

Steampunk watches etsyThis is the easy part. You use the search tool on Etsy to feed in each one of those keywords that you collected from your Google keyword research.

The idea is to see a variety of things that you will use to decide on the viability and profitability of each product idea.

I put in Steampunk watch and got 28233 results

I then put in antique watch and got 18675 results

The first result in the antique results had 1,921 reviews (which you will need to start to read in detail once you get closer to the items you think will be the one you want to make)

Now you will need to start making notes.

List the reviews, the price, the position of that listing, the number of times that item has been favorited etc.

Make notes on the tags and the descriptions as that is what gets those items their rankings.

Once you have correlated all this information you will be in a position to make an informed choice.

See the next chapter for deeper research methods for finding Etsy bestselling products



Find Out How To Really Dig Deeper.

If you are serious about doing really deep research – and why you should do so.

You see, just thinking up some cool things that you could make to sell, is fine – but when you actually do make that decision to start doing a bit of in-depth research into the most viable products to start making, you will need to stick to a plan.

100% detailed research will be a fine line between making a lot of money easily or a lot of money the harder way. 

HOW TO CHOOSE A BESTSELLING PRODUCTAbove here I have told you to make a list, and then to do keyword research and then a bit of Etsy research, but the truth is a bit more important that just doing those few things.

Firstly, you will not be sure that the Etsy sellers that you are looking at are the best sellers.

I have another page that tells you more about how to find out how to do that deeper research – Click here to see that page.

Then you should do research on a few other platforms too, places like Amazon and Ebay and a few other places. to be certain that you have chosen the best options from your research.



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