What is trending right now? (Top Trending Topics)

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How To Find Out What Is Trending in YOUR Niche Right Now

How and WHY you should be aware of what the latest trends are in your business niche.

Look, if you are just a quizz-lizz and are just curious to learn how to find the latest trends then I welcome you along for this ride, BUT if you have a business that manufactures or sells anything, you need to stay on top of the latest trends so you are never left behind.

Try this trending research thing – it can be interesting and will be fun.

So, the why is obvious – now let me show you the how to keep up to speed with the latest trends.

Trend research step one – The obvious – Social Media.

This is like a Duh-moment, we are all on social media all the time, right? But do we actually stop for a few seconds every now and again and actually search within our favorite social media platforms to see what crops up?

Please go and search inside the following social media sites using your core keywords and see what is happening there.

To be honest this will just show you the activity, and some of it will be old, but nevertheless – go and do it.

Use Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, Linkedin, StumbleUpon, and Instagram.

Trend Research Step Two – Google search.

Yes I know, stop shaking your head, I am aware that we are still doing the obvious, but this can be very enlightening when you set the search thing to recent activity.

see here –Current trends research the google search version

Trend Research Step Three – Google Alerts.

I love this Google Alerts thing. Go to the Google Alerts page ( see it here  – https://www.google.co.za/alerts)

and set up an alert – or 10 if you like – for your core keywords or interests. I have a video that I did on this below, so perhaps you would prefer to scroll down and watch the video.

blue blistering barnacles trending topic

Trend Research Step Four – Google Trends.

Well (LOL) I finally got to one of the main trending research methods. Go direct to Google Trends and search around there using your keywords naturally, and you will be able to see if – for example – the main product that you manufacture is gaining in popularity or waning.

People, this is a massive thing to know – if you knew that what you did for a living was going down by 24% on average every year, would you consider adapting your business?

Think about the Blockbuster Video guys 🙂

Here is the link to the Trends site  – https://trends.google.com/

near me trending keyword online

Trend Research Step Five – BuzzSumo.

Ah man, This is a site that has the most amazing stuff from a trending research point of view.

To say that I love these guys is an understatement. No matter what your business is, this site will unearth the most amazing stats and details relating to the keywords and product trends for your business.

Watch the video I did below for some info, but in truth, the site is easy to navigate and will be fun to play on. Here is a link to their site  – https://app.buzzsumo.com/

buzzsumo trending research

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