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Hi – I am going to keep it simple here today. This post is a keyword strength potential comparison between two closely related keywords.

I took the product Leather Handbags

and the Product Leather Backpacks 

and did a comparison to see which of the two has the strongest demand from the buying public.

The idea for this is if a keyword has a lot of searches and still comes up strongly in Etsy and on Amazon, then you have a winning product that you can safely go out there and make it and then offer it for sale on the markets and online.

Here are the results from my research (see the video that has a lot more detail below)

The keyword search numbers…

Leather handbags – Google Demand – 27 100

Leather backpack – Google Demand – 60 500

The Etsy Listing numbers…

Leather handbags – Etsy Demand – 63 000

Leather backpack – Etsy Demand – 13 000

The Amazon Listing numbers…

Leather handbags – Amazon Demand – 60 000

Leather backpack –Amazon Demand – 60 000

When I searched for them they also had related searches that were closely related.

Product Demand Comparison - Leather backpacks VS Leather handbags 1

Product Demand Comparison - Leather backpacks VS Leather handbags

Watch the video where I go into a lot more detail

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