Book a Business Marketing Consultation for your Business

I offer a detailed look into the potential for your business online and hand you a step by step report on what you need to do to get more sales for your business.

Introduction to this Marketing Analysis done for YOUR business.

This is not a hard sell sales page, but simply a service that I offer your business to help you get better online exposure and from that point better leads and sales for your products and services.

Every business is different, each one has different products, different location, different levels of staff and another dozen vital items that make your business unique in the online marketing space that you either have or need.

With my 10 years of detailed online marketing experience where I do SEO work, I build lead generating websites and do social media marketing for myself and for clients, it puts me in a unique position to help your business get more sales.

See more details below, but the basics of it are this…

You book me to do an in-depth analysis of YOUR businesses needs and products and I go into detail on the options that you have chosen for me to do for you below from the package list, and that will give you a choice to either go off and apply that information yourself or to order done for you solutions from myself or other service businesses that will solve the steps that you need to set up to get more sales.

Before I show you some package options let me tell you how we will do this.

Firstly, I am presuming that you have read and absorbed my tips report that lists over 50 tips that you could apply to sell more products that you make to sell. (hit the contact me page, and send me a message if you would like a copy of that report for free)

This service is all about personalisation.

It needs to be exactly done for YOUR business, your budget and your goals and ideas that you wish to set in your own business.

This is what you will need to do, you will choose one of the packages below and place an order with me for that package.

We then get onto skype (Unless you live in Johannesburg South Africa – where we can meet face to face) and we have a Skype meeting where we will go over and discuss your business, your needs etc in fine detail.

This is the information that I will then use to personalise the research into this marketing assessment for your business.

I then go away and do the necessary work for your business. The detailed analysis and put it all into a video or report for you to see and follow.

I then send it to you as complete but give you a day or two to absorb it and line up some questions.

We then get back onto skype and I allow you to go through what I did for you in detail and ask any related questions that might arise from the reports or the videos I did for you.

Package Offers

Because this is a personalized package offer for this service, these packages are just a GUIDE, and the payment options will need to be confirmed with me before we start.

Plus there will be limited places for this offer. The limited restrictions will differ depending on my workload. Please understand that this is actually a good thing for those who are already clients – they take my time first.

Please note that all these packages include a one-hour initial skype meeting and a one hour follow up meeting on skype once I have delivered your report.

Basic Package one – Pure background research. – If you do not yet have a website

  • Two one hour skype meetings.
  • Full keyword research for your product.
  • Personalised step-by-step plan for your specific niche or product.


Basic Package Two – If you do have a website.

  • Two x one-hour skype meetings.
  • Full keyword research for your product or niche.
  • Full website analysis on your website – with a report.
  • Personalised step-by-step plan for your niche or product.


Optional Extras

I could do a deeper look into how and what you will need to do to rank for a specific group of target keywords for your product.

This will involve me focusing on those keywords in relation to your existing website, and then looking at the levels of content and linking you will need to achieve to rank for those keywords.

This topic would have been covered in a lighter way in the above packages, this is only if you feel a need to be fully aware of the levels of competition for your chose niche keyword grouping.

You will need to discuss how much depth you feel you need for this offer before I can attach a price to it.

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