Services that are available to the crafter, jewellery or woodworking business owner.

These services are all related to helping you get more sales via your online properties. Read more below.

Free Premium Website

Get a professional website for your business for FREE that has a value of at least $300.00

If you need to set up a website for your new business and would like me to install WordPress for you for free and add a premium theme, then you are in the right place. This is an amazing offer and comes with video training and more.

Plus I will do the following things – A home Page, a contact us page, an about us page, a terms and conditions page, a disclaimer page, a copyright page and a privacy policy page.

The only “string” attached is that you will need to use my affiliate link to get your hosting.

To find out more about this offer, and see what the rules are please click this purple button.

Full Website Design Option

Limited to ONE new client a month.

This service is for those who need a professional website but do not have the time to do it all themselves.

To build a website that not only looks stunning but has the best SEO structures built into it is a very important part of your businesses needs.

After 10 years of doing web design and doing SEO and social media, it is safe to say that I know exactly how to set up a website that gets your business LEADS. To build a website that actually gets you business, leads and sales is not something you get from normal website designers.

Most website designers focus on what you think you really need, and that is design and looks and navigation. Beginner business owners stress over things like the Logo endlessly – when in truth they need to be doing SEO structured things to their website from day one. That is what brings in the orders, not fiddling with tiny colour changes and more.

If you are serious about building up a website e-commerce system that actually works, contact me and let me explain it all to you in more detail.

This is a VERY LIMITED service. I am a one man business and only work with limited clients at a time. Please use the contact form below to set up a meeting with me.

Keyword Research

This perhaps one of the most important things that you need to know and work with in relation to almost ALL online marketing.

When you know what keywords to target and how to target them, your business will probably thrive.

My service includes full keyword research and will come with reports on up to 700 keywords that relate to your business.

I then show you how to use silo structuring (a training video) and supply you with a full silo structure plan.

Basic Option – $ 100

I can offer a bigger more advanced option where I go into your website (if it is WordPress) and set up plugins and add the core silos and set up all the draft pages and posts for you to use with my supplied training video. We will need to discuss your businesses needs to set a quotation amount to this version. Please use the contact form below for this.

Social Media Set up for your business

I offer three levels of social media advice.

One is a pure consultation where I look at your products and services and set out a plan of action for you to follow using systems and software that I recommend and more.

$ 100.00

I also have an option where I will set up ALL the 15 or so social media places for you with all the bells and whistles set up on each one. These come with logos, descriptions, interlinking and brand information.

$ 100.00

IFTTT Network builds for your specific needs. The price mentioned below is the starter option and naturally, we can build many levels of IFTTT networks.


Please note that this is more of a guide than a fixed offer. As this service page matures, so I will adjust specific items. For now, the best would be to contact me so we could discuss your needs.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization.

SEO is the adjusting of details on how your online properties are viewed by the search engines.

This then gets your website and pages within your website to rank for popular keywords when people search for them.

The natural progression from there is sales.

You get targeted visitors, and then they become sales.

The skills to do decent SEO are not secret – but you do need to know what is the right way and what is the wrong way for it to work well.

The biggest thing about SEO is that it takes time to do, and it takes time for it to show results.

This service starts at $1000.00 a month and normally will need to run in some form or other forever. However, at some point, you can take over the daily tasks needed to keep a well-ranked website at the top of the search engine results pages and that way save those monthly fees.

Naturally, none of this can be discussed without us having a meeting on skype. I will discuss your specific needs with you and form a proposal that you will then be able to consider as a service from myself.


Business Marketing Consultation

Everybody’s businesses are very different from everybody else’s businesses.

I offer a personal business marketing consultation where I look at your needs and tell you everything you need to know and how to get started doing better marketing for your business and your online properties that you need to get more sales.

This is very important and a well done online marketing plan could power your business into a very profitable business, just by knowing what to do and when to do it.

Online marketing has to be dome a certain way, but it is all easy stuff, and when you get it right your phone will not stop ringing with orders.

See all the details here

Find Out More Details Here

Hosting – with BONUSES

If you use my affiliate links to get your hosting I will offer you three freebies for doing so.

You will need to get my affiliate links from me and then go and make a choice from them as to where you would prefer to host your websites, once you have purchased it with my affiliate link, then you come back to me and tell me which of the three free bonus offers you would like to take advantage of.

OFFER ONE – a Free premium website set up for you with 10 pages and training videos for you to follow to be able to keep on working on your new website once I have handed it over to you.


OFFER TWO – You choice of any of my premium courses. I have courses that cover a variety of different things related to marketing crafts or jewellery or woodworking – These are from $10 and some are $47. You get to choose which ones you want from a list I will provide you.


OFFER THREE – I give you instant download links to the bonus products that I have on offer. See the section below this to find out more about those bonuses. They will be available to everybody, and you will need to do a few things for each one to earn the download link, but if you take this option, you get instant download links.

You can find those affiliate links to get your hosting on the free website page. Just remember that you only get ONE of these options once you have ordered your hosting.

Get the hosting affiliate links here

Link to ALL the FREEBIES and Bonuses

This is still the premium design website that you get with the free option – but you get to have me allocate hours of time to your new business.

We will set up a skype meeting and go though all the options that you need for your business. This way we will find out what you can do on your end to save money and booked time, and then get me to do the more importnat things that your business will need.

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