The next video in the series that teaches you how to sell more crafts.This one is on how to test the initial products to see if they will sell well.

Please watch the video below.

This video goes into a lot of detail on what you need to do to see if people will actually pay you for what you have made.

The idea, up until this point, was to research a winning product.

Now that you have done that you will need to take it to the next level.

This means making samples and showing them around to gauge how well they might sell.

Once you have done that, you make stock and take it to a market.

The details are all in the video…

Now, stop reading this and go and watch the video!

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If you are looking for hosting, or have hosting for your website you need to know that a lot of monkeys have been giving you free advice on the Facebook groups and other places. They are wrong about 80% of the time. Seriously, would you go to a group and ask for advice on a new car and then buy one five minutes after reading all the comments? Click here to see how to find DECENT hosting.

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