Craft Marketing Training Series – Video Number One


This is the first video in a series of video training that I am going to be offering you all on how to sell handmade goods online.

There will be more than 20 videos and over time I will have covered everything that you will need to know to get your work-from-home-business up and running profitably.

There are far too many “helpful” friends on Facebook who will give you really shitty advice on how you can start to make extra money online.

They will direct you to multi-level-marketing schemes, or bitcoin, telling you that it is the best way to make extra money.

They are sheep and idiots (99% of them anyway) All they are doing is repeating what they have been reading and hearing without knowing what the hell they are talking about.

In fact, those of them who can prove that they are making money selling party-plan jewellery are amazingly lucky people and if they followed my training they will make 50 times more money.

None of them ever do, their loss.

What your training on how to sell more handmade items covers

OK, so this is the first of at least 20 videos that I am going to be doing for you on a daily basis so that you can learn how to do the following things…

Craft Marketing

1 – Live streaming general schedule.

Me telling you what I have planned for you over the next few weeks.

2 – Introduction to the Craft marketing live stream training

to be honest – very similar to the first video – but with a more detailed description of each section.

3 – Overview live stream – Where I cover the general needs.

This one will cover what your goals are, local business of international, FBA or Etsy, shows or online, word of mouth or marketing, organic or paid marketing, one website or many, many staff or a one man (woman) business

4 – Product keyword research

There will be a lot more of these down the line for specific products. This part of what I teach you might

5 – Getting the initial products made and getting a feel for their popularity.

This would cover turning your keyword research into products and then test those ideas on friends and craft markets etc.

6 – The website – Huge aspect here, and will need many more videos in the future

For now, this will be a general overview of what you need to know about having a lead generating website

7 – Social media. Overall introduction.

This will initially cover what type of social media you should have and what role that social media platform will play in your marketing efforts.

8 – Lead generation – all the options.

This will be a general overview of all the different ways that you could use to get leads for your business. The videos that will follow will cover this in detail in future live stream videos

9 –  Content creation

10 –  finding decent craft markets and trade shows

11 – Finding the best (only one) lead generating place

12 – paid or organic?

13 – Researching Etsy

14 – Fashion industry – free website

15 – Jewellery industry – free website

16 – Best website platforms

17 – best hosting companies

18 – Creating multiple streams of income

19 – …? your input?

20 – from here on, they will be niche specific and mostly keyword orientated.


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